Oh Deer

Battling creative block is proving a struggle but today in the midst of researching a few very inspiring artists for my foundation degree course first assignment “Power Of Light” I decided to open up the paint box and do something.

I’ve developed an interest in photography, so I’m not quite sure if I prefer the original pieces or the photos of my creations. Our most recent lessons at college have been focusing on chiaroscuro; the contrast between light and dark. This idea of contrast and using light and darkness originated in the Renaissance but is still a very important artistic concept today, in all types of art. Through my research I’ve come to adore the photographs of Garry Winogrand…

I’ve also discovered the wonderful works of Ralph Gibson…


Now, those photographs are fabulous and have very little to do with the next few photographs. My afternoons work knocking up a stencil and getting a bit brush happy with some watercolours. My paintings were intended to be entirely watercolour but then I remembered I have some fabulous paints by Pebeo. Their Fantasy Prisme range is something I’ve never ever worked with, and to be honest was a bit intimidated by, but the result is fantastic and I look forward to using them on other materials than paper. They dry to a wonderful glossy shine, and marble and merge together to create a wonderful pattern. So without further ado, here are the deer that have consumed my Friday afternoon. Note to self: I kind of love the stencil on plain white paper, light and shadows and whatnot. I tried to capture some reflection of light in the gloss of the paint.


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