Learning Journal: Ink on Newspaper

The main influence for our experimentation with ink on newspaper is William Kentridge who is a South African artist who has created a number of ink drawings on newspapers. Many of his drawings, or series, are quite simple drawings or are a sequence of drawings of simple items. His Self Portraits as a Coffee Pot are a series of increasingly abstract and simplified drawings of the same item. He also used ink markings on separate pieces of paper which were then placed together to create an image. I found this approach particularly inspiring.


All the equipment needed was ink, paintbrushes and newspaper. Because the newspaper I used had a lot of colour, I chose to cut out blocks of text and glue them to white paper, some of the blocks of text were upside down and sideways, I did this to accentuate the almost rough style. I wanted my painting(s) to feel very simple and not technically correct. I used some of the imagery that I’d used in my tile work, and i feel that the informal nature of newspaper and ink suits the images. I tried to emulate Kentridge’s Cat pictures, and created a collage style piece using a sketch of a plane. Unfortunately the plane looks rather shark-like but I wanted to show a contrast between a mathematically sound machine and a rough ink painting on scraps of newspaper. I used watered down black ink to stain some of the background paper, this was to create an aged effect, another reference to war time.



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