Learning Journal – Ohclay

Words cannot express how excited I was when I got to make a little clay brick in class. Ok, tone down the sarcasm. I was pretty psyched though. I like getting messy and creating things, but my artistic talent probably isn’t on the same level as my enthusiasm. Nevermind that, who needs talent when you have confidence and a healthy dose of artistic pretentious arrogance? Not this guy!

So clay. Lovely, cool, dusty slightly crispy at times, clayyyy. We were given enough air-dry clay to make a 12x12cm brick and then told to go for it and make it pretty. I chose to stuck other bits of clay on top rather than draw in it. I measured, and cut, and stuck little bricks on, made a clay version of the airplanes I’ve been drawing for my project and, actually I think it turned out OK. I found that if you draw on a piece of paper and then roll a piece of clay over it, the pencil comes off and you can easily cut around your design. I don’t know if that’s counted as cheating, or just being a good idea, but it worked for me.


Pics of my clay tile thing to follow.


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