LearningJournal: Beyond The Book – Mono Printing

According to Wikipedia, monoprinting is a style of printmaking where the images and lines are used only once. This is unlike linocut and polytile printing where there are several original prints.

In order to make mono-prints. I used to the same ink as I used for the polytile and linocut printing. I started with teal, then added purple and finally yellow to create contrast but I wanted to print with vibrant, candy-like colours. Colours that are seen in graffiti and in street art. My concept for the project is going to be based around street art, and a code or hidden message in street art, leading back to my final piece which will be the artist book. I’m not exactly sure how to go about this but I love the idea of audience involvement rather than just observation. But I digress.

Monoprinting. I started with an initial idea related to the brief. Dot Dash. I found a picture of a King Charles Spaniel (Queen Victoria had a dog named Dash) and then found an online converter to create the picture out of dots.

After all that, I decided to do my take on Lichtenstein’s spray can. and I produced abstract prints of a spray can.

And then I started playing around with colours, and drawing into the ink on the perspex rather than laying the paper down and then drawing the image on top. This creates a negative effect, but is really abstract and impressive when there are more than one or two colours.

Then I started painting ink onto the perspex before I printed it onto paper. And adding more ink onto the prints to accentuate colours and lines.



After experimenting with monoprinting, I used a variety of textured material to create prints and markings using the press. I started with fur material, woolen material with holes in, foil, and also hay. I covered the hay with inked tissue paper so the hay did not stick to my print. I don’t think it was a success, but it was worth experimenting.

I tried to create the shape of a spray can with the various textures, and with some more experimentation it could be successful. I would need to use different materials perhaps, and layer the colours up in stages. I would also like to experiment with collagraph printing.



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