LearningJournal: Bookbinding

Well I can honestly say I will probably never bind my own book again. It was a laborious and time consuming process, and didn’t give the fabulous result I had hoped for. It’s one of those skills that I suppose is useful to have so that at a push I could create my own sketchbook, or bind some art work together. But, papercraft and the likes is not really my cup of tea. Not to mention that using a needle and thread resulted in many ouches and holes in my fingertips!

We followed a YouTube tutorial by Sea Lemon and started by cutting 16 pieces of paper to size. I chose various textured paper, and parchment. I also chose paper that was ready printed with a pattern. These were then organised into 4, four page signatures. Each signature was folded in half and then measured. Holes were punched with an awl at 1 inch intervals down the “spine” of the signature. Using a needle and thread, the signature is then threaded together. When this is finished the second signature is attached on top. This is threaded the same way, but each loop is attached to the signature below. Once all four are connected, the “spine” is brushed with 2 layers of PVA glue and set to dry. Once this is dry, a piece of card is cut and attached over the spine to secure it.

Problems I encountered in the process included the paper being uneven, so I had to trim the book down at the end. Also the piece of card I used was not long enough so the spine looks a little exposed. Once this process is finished, there are additional YouTube tutorials on how to create a cover and properly bind the book.


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