LearningJournal: Concertina

In today’s studio session we learned how to make minature concertina books. I chose to use some lovely Tim Holtz paper printed with a vintage looking map, and other sheets of paper with stamps, and letters from license plates of cars.

I started by covering two pieces of card for the front and the back of the “book” and then folded a piece of paper to make a concertina pattern with a pocket running along one side. To further accentuate the vintage feel of my book, I used scrunched up grease-proof paper to cover the concertina paper. I then attached the covers of the book.

Keeping with the map and travel theme, I made “travel tags” out of aluminium cans and attached printed paper with a stamp pattern. I then put these in the pockets on one side of the concertina book. On the other side of the book, I used the licence plate letters to spell out “see the world”. Unfortunately I got a bit ahead of myself and put the words backwards, so they read correctly from the front of the book, but when it is open and you read left to right, it reads “world the see” which doesn’t have quite the same effect!


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