Beyond the book. Concept.

My concept when creating my artist book started with the buzz words dot and dash.  I’ve chosen to interpret these as a metaphor for journey and travel.  I’ve also heavily incorporated the idea of what occurs in our minds,  and tried to illustrate trains (or threads) of thought.  My final piece is in a very minimalist box,  to encourage the audience to dig  deeper and essentially not judge a book by its cover,  so the art itself is contained within.  I’ve constructed pages of a mind,  and woven threads through to evoke the image of ideas and thoughts.  I’ve chosen random colours to signify chaos,  and I chose to bind my concertina book with thread as a nod to the concept of “hanging on by a thread”.  The greaseproof paper is for texture but also to illustrate the mundane ideas and thoughts our minds concoct.  I wanted there to be a lot of contrast,  for my ideas to be portrayed in an abstract yet accessible way and for the book to be tactile and encourage the audience to feel and experience it rather than just read in a traditional sense.


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